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Hey lovers, here’s a duckface from me to you to brighten up a grey morning! ❤

I was biking home from work yesterday at one in the morning, and suddenly I was overwhelmed with a desire to climb something. It just happened to be so that I had an ice cream in my bag and I figured I would find a nice spot to eat it. Luckily for me (and my inner child) the autumn fair is in town, so I parked my bike, turned off the lights, sneaked in to the carnie-area and started searching for an climb friendly attraction. Train of thought: A stand? Nah not high enough. The ferris wheel? Gah no I don’t want to die! 

Finally I settled for a 20-meter-something slide with excellent view over the lake, the old town and the art museum. With the cool autumn air on my face and the dimmed light and glitter from the fair around me it was the best ice-cream break ever.



  1. A duck face? You must be quackers 🙂 I know-a fowl joke 🙂
    I do hope they translate well.

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