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At the moment I’m completely obsessed with things from Rum21, the style is minimal/scandinavian/clean/amazing/fucking/perfect! Oh if I weren’t a poor student. Soon, sooooon (evil face).

One of the best things with the fall is without doubts all the jackets, coats, hats and boots you can start to wear again. Me being a swede I’m in love with the colour black (black clothes+blonde girl=yes), and now when it’s October I can finally start wearing it again without looking goth (and it makes my eyes pop like a damn M67). Woop woop motherfucker.

sonsOA With the start of a new school year, an obsession for a tv-serie must follow. Mine? Sons of Anarchy. There’s nothing more that needs to be said.

 Herbstmesse (autumn-carnival) in Switzerland, and aaaaaall the rides, food, lights, people and games that follow! And especially the carnival candy! Above: chocolate covered mini-bananas with different types of candid nuts. Just YUM.

 The song Cocaine by Nomy.

See you on Thursday honey.



  1. I replied to your comment on my blog before I read this post. Evil face. Evil Ylva. Think I’m onto something. In a nice way 🙂

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