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Good morning darlings! How are you today?

Usually I’m like a zombie in the morning but lately I’ve woken up after only a few hours of sleep feeling all refreshed and awake. I was even early (!!) for school this morning! Ah how I love natural energy (i.e. buckets of caffeine). It’s especially needed today as we are starting with the second course of financial management. Lord(e? you can call me queen bee) help me.

For tonight: First year Design Management mixer superhero party + apéro! Design school is awesome.


ph Lara



  1. This 3.10 does not mean 3.10am? As in ten last three? As in THE MORNING?!

      • Ahh thank God for that. I thought that you was applying make-up at 3.10am. I tried my best not to swear, but I’m going to get an ulcer now where I bit my tongue.
        It doesn’t take much to confuse me you know. And you’re writing in my language! 🙂

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