peach and ice cream

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Pink, neon, peach, blue, white.. Summer isn’t over yet! And don’t forget the ice cream, from Dieci of course, otherwise you might as well just eat dirt.
So! Today I decided to take advantage of the little summer we have left and threw together this little outfit. Hope you like it, and thanks to Supernormall for the beautiful knitted cardigan! ❤


skirt H&M
bag Gina Tricot
shoes Converse
top Zara
cardigan Supernormall
rings Thomas Sabo / Lapponia

ph cred – to my favourite photographer Lara!



  1. We have a new student living with us for four weeks. He arrived on Sunday, and comes from Switzerland. You could have sent some ice cream over with him you know. In four weeks time I’m sending back to you with that birthday egg. Part of my cunning plan all along 🙂

    • Oh really, where is he from? Sorry my mistake I must have just missed him! I thought you already sent me that egg. However when I think about it, it’s only been raining ordinary rain down here and no eggs so I guess someone must have screwed up the paperwork.

      • He lives in Mellingen in Zurich. He says some students near his house keep him awake all night partying. Don’t know anything about that do you? 🙂
        It was a six pack of eggs I bought. One was wasted when I threw it at you from the top of Scotland. That one missed-probably because you was in Switzerland and I was aiming for Sweden. The second I sent with that pigeon-but I think he went off course, distracted by a sexy hen pigeon. They are just not as faithful as us Jackdaws. So number three I am sending with my returning student friend. If he fails, I have ….three….remaining…..
        Cue evil laugh, but I sound more like a Disney character 🙂

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