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1: waking up to birds singing, having coffee while watching Top Gear, sitting in the sun, strolling to the stable and looking forward to a rice ride outside.

2: two hooves hurling towards me, hard impact, next second I’m tasting grass and can’t move.
Ambulance, painkillers, hallucinations, injections, xray.

My day.


It’s not all bad, though. I was very lucky the horse didn’t kick me in the head, and the doctor is almost certain that my back, legs and ribcage have stayed intact. I just have to stay the night for observation and tomorrow they will know more.



  1. Jeez Ylva. Wasn’t expecting that after your idyllic opening. Hope you are okay x

      • Yes best to make sure everything is okay and stay in there (with your surreptitious internet access) 🙂
        I’m fine. Rain keeps thwarting my attempts to do the garden. Blessing in disguise, I do a rain dance every morning in hope.
        Kids in school, wife picking up corpses. Really.
        Hope the food is good in there, but not too good or I can see you hitting that gym again and putting me to shame.

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