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Happy happy day today because today is my birthday! ❤ ❤ ❤

I had a great morning consisting of lots of hugs, coffee and chocolate, and after school me, Lara and a friend of hers strolled the sunny streets of Lucerne. Sometimes I forget how beautiful this town is.

DSCN3619Home-made peanutbuttercups (gjorda med ischoklad för alla er svennar därute!).
Amazing? Yes. I’m used to cake on my birthday but  have to say these were good enough! 😉 Will put up recipe soon!

DSCN3594DSCN3587DSCN3579Such cuties, this was the.. Cebu-pose? I have no idea actually, there were so many.


Now: listening to dubstep, studying and getting ready for rugby
Later: Basel v. Madrid game, rum and dancing




  1. Sending Happy Birthday Wishes to you from little old England. It’s a custom here, among the young, to egg someone on their birthday. Seeing as though you are not here, I’ve cycled up to the very edge of Scotland and thrown an egg as far as I can. It should be landing somewhere near you about now. Hope my aim is true 🙂

    • Hahaha! Oh Andy, this actually made me laugh out loud. Thank you for the egg! However, you juuust missed me. It may or may not have hit my window, or maybe that was a bird.

      • Damn, that crosswind effected my aim. But birds-you’ve given me an idea. I am now sending an egg over, being carried by a pigeon. He has been instructed to drop the egg and anything else it can think of 🙂 If you are going cycling today I advise you wear a helmet. And take a tissue 🙂

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