pew pew, fuck off

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Anywhere - anytime

Insert: a picture accurately describing my mood. Aaaaaand GO!


Apparently it isn’t enough for life/fate/destiny/allmightybeing/coincidence for my laptop to break. No. As well as that, my phone was stolen yesterday. YeyeyeyeyeyeyeYEY. I’ve located it and its in Emmenbrucke, a few k from town. But what can I do, go over there and smash the door down? Neh (and I don’t even know what floor/number etc its on), imma let the police do their thing. 

What a week.

Anyway, while waiting for my laptop to back up I’ll head to the gym to get some stress out, and then watch the Sweden-Austria game! If Sweden wins I’ll be a happy puppy again. See ya later. Meh.  





  1. Yes don’t take any risks-let the police do what they do.
    Hope things pick up for you soon over there.

    • Yes, it seems like the best alternative.
      Thanks! When things are down, up is the only way back (that is, if you haven’t reached the bottom yet but shh, nobody needs to hear that).

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