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Personal home-made favorites from the last couple of months. Enjoy!


– panfried mackerel
Okay seriously, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried this. 
However, when it comes to mackerel this is very important: the fish need to be fresh. This complicates things for us Swissies as we don’t have a coastline but for you who do go right ahead (don’t you dare buy a frozen one!). Chop the fish up in pieces ca 3 cm thick, throw butter (not margarine), pepper, salt and parsley in a pan. Add the fish and fry until the meat is white. Serve with more mackerel.   

– spinach/strawberry/raspberry smoothie
This yummy smoothie is packed with all sorts of goodness! Mix yoghurt, fresh spinach and strawberries, frozen raspberries and a spoonful of honey in ca 20 sek in your blender and voilá!

– berry/lemon curd cake and white sangria
cake: I have to be honest with you, this is my mum’s recipe. It’s very simple, make a sugarcake base, cut it in two layers, then stuff a mixture of lemon curd (bought is allright but it’s best home-made), berries and whipped cream in between and on top. Then whip more cream and cover the whole cake with it, top with berries.

white sangria: cut fresh strawberries, peaches, oranges, kiwis, lemons and (whatever your heart desires) limes into thin slices. Put it all in a large bowl and pour over two bottles of semi-dry white wine. Let it stand in the fridge over night and just before serving pour in a bottle of dry prosecco, ice and, if you want, a small bottle of sprite.

oysters– grilled oysters
Some people say that you should eat oysters raw. I disagree. I have three criteria: they should be Swedish, grilled and huge. Now if you for some reason can’t get hold of Swedish oysters the ones from outside Norway are ok too. Pop them bastards on the grill with the cupped side down, as soon as they open put in a teaspoon of salted and peppered garlic butter. Let them cook in their own juices until most of the water has evaporated, then take em off and eat it right out of the shell.


– elderflower sirup
Summer may be over but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy those fresh summerdrinks. For this recipe you’ll new 25-30 large clusters of flowers, 5 lemons and ca 5dl sugar. Slice the lemons and put them in a large bowl (I use a bucket) together with the flowers and sugar. Add 3 liters near-boiling water to the mixture, and let it stand in a cool place for 6 days. When the time has passed filter the flowers and lemons away, and you have your very own home-made elderflower mixture (mix with fresh mint, ice water, Aperol and champagne for a truly amazing cocktail)!

– kidney bean/cottage cheese dip
A dip/sauce/topping/whatever-you-want-it-to-be for every occasion! Crush half a can of beans (ca 100g) with a fork, mix with two teaspoons of cottage cheese, a small splash of water, salt and pepper and a hell of a lot of fresh parsley. Done!


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