pink & blue, spinning and post-fitness food fit for a queen

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IMG_7035.JPGpre-spinning-face on 

Just came home from the gym and DAAAAMN I’m dead. Did 45 minutes of weights and then 50 minutes (a class) of spinning. Remind me not to do that on an empty stomach next time. I swear my brain didn’t function when I got out of the class. Wait so where are the wheels for the bike? Hmm. Yeah. 

But it’s okay because when I came home I made some amazing amazing amaaaazing food: raw cucumber and carrots, a kidney bean-“dip” with cottage cheese, steamed broccoli and a big ass peppered steak. Yum!


❤ ❤ ❤   



  1. I have-Karl Pilkington is a Mancunian like I am, but he is much more wise 🙂
    How about a bunk bed coffin? I’ll go on the bottom as I don’t like heights. Six foot under will suit me fine!
    I have spent the day trying to remain calm. My children go back to school tomorrow, and though of course I love them, you can have too much of a good thing. I have kept a lid on my excitement, but every now and again there has been a great explosion of emotion onto my Facebook status updates. My fellow parents empathise. They are running out of wine 🙂

  2. 45 minutes of weights? Followed by 50 minutes of spinning? I feel dead myself.
    Move over in that coffin will you.

    • Haha! We can have a twix-coffin made for the two of us (I assume you’ve seen “an idiot abroad”?). What have you been up to then?

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