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bag of smashed potatoes, is how I feel. dis a feeling? yes. 

When I got up this morning my muscles were like “nah uh hell no” but I still managed to dragged my ass to the gym! ..only to have it beat up by the girls at kickboxing. Some of these girls are vicious! Dabs, bitches. 

Now in bed with a cup of tea watching two and a half men. So cozy. 
Laters! ❤ ❤ ❤





  1. Fiiiiin ny design ju Ulven! Men du! Ändra min länk please, den är till gamla bloggen på ju 😛

  2. I think I’ve been out with a few girls like that 🙂
    That gym will be the death of you-there is nothing worse for you than exercise!
    I see that tattoo now standing for ‘Enough! Please put on me some slippers’. Fluffy ones. For retired kick boxers.

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