Canals and cobble

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Whenever I tell someone I’m from Sweden they always say something like “oh yeah, Stockholm is beautiful!”


While the capital is wonderful and breathtakingly beautiful, the west (best) coast is my home and etched into my heart.

It’s a city filled with nature. Everywhere you look there is a tree or a patch of grass, a canal or suddenly a mini-forrest surrounding a church.


The humor!! Translation: the sausage union. Very serious business. Funny? Not really, but that’s the point.


Going-for-a-coffee-or-a-tea-or-a-smoothie-with-something-sweet-or-salty-with-a-friend-or-alone? Yeah. Supersize me.

Just one thing though, cobblestone has a tendency to ruin high heels in a matter of hours so you don’t usually dare to wear your sexy heels. Buuuut bring some of dem fashionable slippers youknowwhatimtalkingabout and you’ll be allright.

Now my darlings it’s time to go to bed, godnatt! ❤ ❤ ❤



  1. I hopped on over here from your sister’s blog-I’ve seen that giant cinnamon before 🙂 I wasn’t expecting the sausage union though!

    • Andy! I’ve heard a lot about you, thanks for looking by. Yep it’s quite impressive. The swedes always do things bigger!

      • I think they will need to do waistbands bigger too!
        What exactly have you heard? I’ve got my solicitors on standby 🙂

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