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Tonight is the Holland – Australia game and I can’t waaait to see Australia kick Hollands ass (or so I can hope anyway)! I’m going to be working, and the bar is basically half Dutch so I might meet some slight resistance. Maybe.

ylvaaussieYes darlings I know I put this up last week for the rugby but come on gimme a break, I can’t just go around taking selfies all day! (or can I?)

Yesterday the training had been replaced by anyone-can-join touch rugby at the lake, so I called up my beautiful girl Lara to come, she’d never played rugby before but she picked it up crazy fast! Half way through it started to pour down with rain making the grass hella slippery, and the game suddenly turned into some sort of competition is who could stay on their feet for the longest without slipping. Of course we kept on playing despite of the weather (“we aint no damn football team!”).

laraylvarugbyph Lara

Now for lunch and some studying at uni. Exam status: 2 down, 3 to go!
See yaa xxx ❤



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