rain and studying and suuper-horse

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It’s raining outside and I’m studying at the university. Wait, studying? I mean procrastinating, with YouTube and Facebook and 9gag and this post!

Last Saturday me, dad, and my sister went to Möhlin for our very first competition with Sarina! Maja was riding (I don’t have a “brevet”/license yet, but it’s no 1 on my list-to-do!) and it went suuuuper! Everything went smooth (even in the absolutely chaotic warm-up, some girl rode straight in to Sarina&Maja in full canter AND these other two girls jumped the same jump at the same time because they had no control of their horses whatsoever) and we went home with two ribbons. ❤

Next time we’ll step it up a notch and hopefully I’ll be able to compete soon as well! If you want to see more pictures Maja have some on her blog, check it out!

Now, back to studying.


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