Thursday list

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Anywhere - anytime

I love to be close to the ocean, or in it, and to sail in hard wind and sunshine.

I like to laugh at people who fall over. Especially when its muddy or icy outside! And when you get in to that zone of focus while doing something, for me it’s usually when I put together IKEA furniture (how Swedish of me, right?), I call it the IKEA-trans. It’s good when studying as well.


I sing ABBA.

I’m not especially good at waiting. For anything. Wonder why I’m never hungry when dinner arrives? Because I ate all of the damn bread.

I prefer ketchup on plain pasta to a properly made bolognese any day.


I’m addicted to tomatoes! And coffee! And ooooooh, sushi.

I drink champagne. That’s it. Oh and coffee.

I listen to right now? Soft jazz. Otherwise anything on the radio (usually NRJ sweden), or Veronica Maggio. When I’m at the gym usually electro/Good Charlotte/Three Days Grace.

I’m afraid of pigs. Vicious biting, snoring, gnawing bastards.

I’m wearing 
a navy cashmere pullover with a white shirt underneath, brown suede jacket, blue jeans, ballerinas, and a canvas bag. Chilled office wear for Friday? Yes please.

I wish I could speak every language in the world! Wouldn’t that be amazing? Life would be so easy. And I’m not only talking about Chinese, Russian, Creole etc, I want to speak horse and dog and fish as well.

I’m embarrassingly bad at opening cans with can openers. They just don’t like me.

I grew up in Sweden and Switzerland!

I know its Friday today but I was supposed to post this yesterday so I’m still calling it a Thursday list.
Laters lovelies! xxx



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