Extreme quick-fix diets

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Now when summer is around the corner and beach 2014 is getting closer, you start hearing a lot about “quick fix” diets. Truth is (and I’m sorry to break it to you), there is no easy way to lose weight.


Ever heard of the grapefruit diet? The grass diet, the protein diet, or the cayenne-pepper-lemon-water diet? They are all examples of extreme dieting methods originating in the quick fix mentality. True, some of them have evolved and become successful (i.e. the protein based GI and LCHF methods), but the fact remains that they are mostly fabs or easy ways for companies to make quick money.

Please, please, please. Don’t fall into the trap. Key to weight loss = lower calorie intake (food) and higher calorie output (training).
Understood? Comprende? Förstått? Verstanden? Allright good. Now go for a run.

xx Ylva


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