Easy-breezy fitness tips for summer

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Why is your cardio program not working out?
Is your fitness plan not getting you the results you want? Do you feel like you are stuck on the same platform? Here are five tips to help you increase stamina and achieve your fitness goals.

While having a grand goal is great, don’t forget that Rome wasn’t built in a day. You need to focus on the baby steps in order to succeed, otherwise you might become overwhelmed and quit. Personally, I follow this plan (click to view) —> Cardio Spring 2014

2. DOCUMENT YOUR RESULTS. Make sure you write down every one of your achievements, no matter how small! This will help to maintain your motivation.

3. SWITCH UP YOUR ROUTINE. In order to diversify muscle activity and increase fat burn, one must reach into different fields of exercise. For example, try kickboxing, spinning or volleyball.

4. BALANCE. One healthy meal will not make you skinny, just like one cheat meal will not make you fat. Make sure to balance calorie intake with calorie output.

5. LIFT WEIGHTS. Cardio training is great, but if you really want to say “bye bye” to those fat rolls – lift some damn weights! At least once a week, please. The extra muscle stress will leave your body burning for longer (extra muscles = higher metabolism).

Now I’m off to play volleyball with some friends ❤
Hope this helped!
xx Ylva&Lara


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