If I were a man I would wear a bow tie every day

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Anywhere - anytime / Fashion

I have realized something. I am obsessed with bow ties. I mean.. look at them! So beautiful, silky, stylish, clean cut and utterly unnecessary! It’s like that pair of shoes that you had to have because you really needed them because they were so (insert the look of that one pair that you love but never wear) shiny/glittery/neon-coloured/goth/sexy/sporty etc but you just never ever use. You just can’t resist.

If I were a man I would wear a bow tide every day. Me being me though, I cannot let the fact that I am a woman stop me from suiting up. Anyone knows where around Basel/Lucerne/Gothenburg/Zurich I can get my hands on one of these bad boys?
(can anyone guess who the men in the picture, absolutely rocking the trend, are? English people, you have an advantage.)

Now coffee, NRJ Sweden, then school.
Tudeluu! Love, Ylva


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