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I recently decided to upgrade my room. First step was to buy a new bed, second to get a bed canopy and now I have finally completed the third step (let me give you a clue, I decided on this one after watching Gossip Girl, think about Serenas room…) – 3D style butterflies! My initial thought was to go and buy some ready-mades but then the artist within me snarled and convinced my lazy side into making them from scratch. It turned out amazing, and it was so easy!


Here’s a little how-to DIY for ya,
You need: 
– Paper, whatever color you fancy. It should be thicker than normal print paper. I would tell you what I used but I honestly can’t remember. It was ca x2 or x3 times the weight of “normal” paper.
– Pair of scissors and/or knife (+ cutting board)
– Photo of a butterfly (or more if you want different sizes/shapes), wings spread.  
Draw/trace the outlines of the butterfly on the paper, cut out and use as template. Trace X amount of butterflies on your papers, carefully cut them out. Fold wings on either side of the body, leaving it flat and easier to attach to the wall (I used glue, but tape or something like that would work just as well). Attach to wall. Done!

See you soon!
Love, Ylva


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