yeey it’s sunny, lets go out an… na-uh! you get the flu.

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Anywhere - anytime

Brief summary of the week:
Monday – school, see J. Tuesday – school, gym. Wednesday – IKEA with J, meatballs, new bed, tons of caviar. Thursday – Got the flu (relationship to IKEA impossible, only good things come out of there), survived with use of painkillers and Neocitran. Friday – bed, sleep, somewhat blurry since I was hallucinating in the morning and after that went on painkillers again. After that I actually felt pretty ok, some family friends from Sweden came over to see how I live and what its like down in the depths of le Swissland, the weather was amazing so we decided to stroll along the lake, look at the swans, admire the boats, and then sit in the sun with an Aperol. Luzern at its best, really. The only downside came when the painkillers wore off. I felt like a frozen log that had gone in a giant tumbler and then gotten tossed down the Matterhorn while having a pack of angry hyenas strapped to it. Luckily we were almost home by that time.


By the way, who else can’t wait for the new season of Game of Thrones? Anyway, that (ref to picture) will be me in school tomorrow.
Now what? Bed. bedbedbedbedbedbed. Sleep shall heal the body.

Lots of love, mwaah.



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