swedish strawberries and meh’ness

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Today has turned out to be a weird day. First half/up until midday = amazing. The sun was shining, we had our first class of the new business semester (which I have been looking forward to for aages, you can only take so much design/ers at once), I had lunch a the lake with a few friends and then went healthy-fitness-food-shopping. Chilled. THEN however shit seems to decide to go down all at once and within an hour I’m pissed off, have a headache, burned hand, burned food, quinoa all over the floor and general annoying things I don’t care to mention in the blog. Bah.

At the moment I’m trying to distract myself by planning what to order from JFR and browsing holiday destinations. Did you know about L’Tur and their super-lastminute trips? You can get away with craazy prices! Fly back and forth to Dubai from Basel and live in a 5 star hotel at the beach for 10 days with breakfast? 1000 chf. Have your own bungalow for 10 days in the Maldives with flights, transfer, breakfast and dinner? 1800chf. Not bad.

Meh, I want summer. And swedish strawberries. And a flight to Sweden.

See you soon!
Love, Ylva


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