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I told you I did this spinning (indoor cycling) class yesterday, right?
Here’s some advice, never ever just assume that the class you sign up for is a 1 hour class. Neeever.
After an hour on the bike I thought “hmm, isn’t it time to finish soon?”. NO! because I was in the 100 min class. 100 minutes!!! I though I was going to die. To be fair I should have guessed something was up when I saw that basically all of the people had proper biking equipment etc.

When I realized I was in the 100 min class I started coming up with motivational slogans that I shouted to myself in my brain (no judging, you know what I mean) to keep me going. My favorite ones were “FLAP, FAT, AND AWAY!”, “DON’T LET THE RUSSIANS WIN THE GOLD!” and “WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE!!”. I’m not sure how the last one relates but my oxygen-starved brain thought it did yesterday, so who am I to argue. Anyway I shouldn’t complain because I had a great workout.


Hope you are well, see you soon!
Love, Ylva



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