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JacketI just felt like I had to share with you my absolute favorite garment right now, check out the fluff on that jacket! Spring is coming, yes I know, but not fast enough for my taste and so in this you wont just be unbelievably cute and fluffy but it will also keep you warm during the days of waiting for the brighter months to come. Love it! This particular specimen is from H&M.

Anyway, I’m back in Switzerland! I came home from London on Thursday and went straight to my fathers house, ate, and slept 14 hours (sleep, glorious sleep!). After that I spent the rest of the week horse riding, seeing J, friends, cooking and generally enjoying stress-free life on the country side. Buut as they say, all things must come to an end so yesterday I went back home (home, where is that really?) to Luzern for today was the first day of school after the holidays. How was it? Pretty damn interesting.
Anyway, I just woke up from my nap and now I’m off to the gym. Seriously, I sleep like a teenager, is that a problem? Naaah.

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See you soon!
Love, Ylva

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