Eat clean, train mean, stay lean

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row of food2So I have mentioned “clean eating” a couple of times and some of you have then asked me what I meant, so I thought I would outline the basics.
Clean eating means that you make sure that your body gets proper nutrition through foods that haven’t been tampered with. You avoid junk food and processed food, and you try to make your own meals. In that way you will know exactly what you consume (a lot o ready-meals have huge amounts of hidden sugar/salt etc).

1. Avoid junk food – McDonalds, Burger King, that kebab shop around the corner… yes, I know it’s amazing on a hung-over day but try to avoid it (oh, did I mention that if you want to be serious about clean eating you should cut down on alcohol?).

2. Avoid processed food – take a look at the product you want to buy. If there’s more than five ingredients written on it and/or you can’t understand what it contains because it has a chemical name (i.e. 210 & E210 – in this case a preservative called Benzoic acid), it wont be clean.

3. Balance your meals – a bit of protein, some carbs, a couple of veggies, some fat. Make sure your meal is balanced. If you ditch carbs or fat all together the risk of giving in to temptation later (when you really really feel like that pizza) increases. 

4. Cook your own meals – DIY! It’s not that hard, and actually quite fun when you get in to it! Besides, who doesn’t love a good cook? 

5. Avoid refined sugar – soda, candy, cookies, chocolate, white bread, cake etc etc. There are many better ways to sweeten up your life, try to eat fruit instead of candy. And if you reeeally feel like chocolate chip cookies, make them yourself.

I’m not saying I always keep to this plan (in fact, I’m off to have a cocktail or two right now 😉 ) but I find it helpful to think about when I cook and plan my meals. Clean eating is not a diet designed to help you lose weight, it’s a lifestyle choice we can make to consume better food with less harmful substances (if you feel like number 5 is unnecessary because you are fit, have a normal weight etc even though you consume loads of sugar very day – take a look at the latest statistics and causes of type 2 diabetes).
Hope this helped!


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See you soon!
Love, Ylva

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