M.A.X and core w/o is le shit

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Exams are over and the first workout of 2014 is complete, today was a good day!

I haven’t been exercising properly for about hmm, 2 months? I guess it’s due to a combination of the annual december-stress in school, being sick, traveling (I really do have to get a gym membership in Sweden!) and exams, but now it’s back to business. Beach 2014 is coming! Today I took it quite easy with half an hour of M.A.X (high intensive interval training) and half an hour of core w/o. It felt good but I can tell I’m really not as toned as I was half a year ago, hello jiggle?? 😀
The basic plan for the future is: clean eating with more protein, less fat, less carbs, more cardio (especially intervals), and less alcohol. Promise I will keep you updated on how it’s going!

workout 2014

See you soon, and don’t forget to follow!
Love, Ylva
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