Why study at home when you can study with class – Havana

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Hej hej hallå!

If you are a student you are probably so tired of this subject: end of (/beginning of) year exams. How can you find time and motivation to study? A lot of you probably study at home and you might be quite happy with this. Personally though, if I try to study for a test at home I will just convince myself I need a nap and then I will sleep for three hours, wake up to make food, and then go to sleep again. That is, if my room is clean, the dishes are made, laundry is done and we have enough oranges at home. If not I will do this first. Producive. Or not.

So since I really need to start studying for real, yesterday I decided to switch up my habits. Instead of going home to study I went to this bar in my neighborhood, one I have wanted to go for ages. And you know what? The change of scenery did absolute wonders for both my concentration and my motivation! So from now on I have decided to go to a different place every time I need to concentrate, be it a café, sports bar, one of the 5-start hotels around town, roof-top bar, a friends place, it doesn’t matter where, as long as it it a different place from the one before. I’ll keep you updated how its going, meanwhile, here’s some pictures from yesterdays sesh at Havana.


Love, Ylva


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